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The Darts Companion


The Darts Companion is YOUR free companion app while playing darts.Core functionalities in this free version:- Score calculator, keep your dart scores with you.- finishes, shows you how to finish / checkout in double out and single out matches- many settings! Including endgame option "bull for last leg"- stats, stats, stats! Including estimated checkout %, 3 dart averages, best finishes, best scores, first-9 average and many more!- undo function.- resume match after app close down.- checkout darts system: Define how many darts you used for your checkout for more accurate stats!
Buy the ultimate version (The Ultimate Darts Companion) for even more features:- No advertisements- Unlimited player profiles- Unlimited players per match (you can do a match with 10, 20, or even 100 players if you like)- Match stats. Browse your games by date/time and see how you did!- More endgame types, including 2 legs difference and premier league style endgame- Themes. Select 1 out of 6 themes to give the app a bit of personal taste.
More features & gametypes coming soon!